Yoshio Tsuda, PhD

President (2015-),
Department of Medical Entomology
National Institute of Infectious Diseases

We are living with a variety of animals in our daily life. For example, flies emerging from kitchen garbage, cockroaches, biting mosquitoes, ticks, midges, wild birds, insects visiting flowers in a garden etc.. Among these animals, disease vectors of human and animals, poisonous animals, and nuisance insects are studied in detail in Medical Entomology and Zoology.

Recently we faced the following serious problems in Japan; outbreaks of flies and mosquitoes in disaster areas of the Great East Japan earthquake in 2011, the emergence of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome, SFTS, patients in 2013, the outbreak of dengue fever in Yoyogi park and its vicinity, Tokyo in 2014. For establishing an effective control strategy of medically and veterinary important animals, we have studied taxonomy, natural history, genetics, physiology, ecology, and molecular biology of these animals and pathogens they transmitted. The results are presented at the annual meeting of the Japan Society of Medical Entomology and Zoology, and published in Medical Entomology and Zoology. All papers published in our journal are open access.

The number of the medical entomologist in Japan is reducing year by year although studies on medical entomology and zoology are important to improve public and environmental health. We hope that many people join our society and contribute to Medical Entomology and Zoology.